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      Jiefang cargo truck

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        外廓尺寸 Dimensions: 11990x2490x3535mm

        滿載總質量 Gross vehicle weight:30900kg

        額定載質量 Payload:17855kg

        整備質量 Kerb weight:12850kg

        驅動形式 Drive type:8x4

        駕駛室 Cab:Full-floating high-top

        發動機 Engine:CA6DL1-28E3

        發動機功率 Engine power:280hp

        變速箱 Transmission:CA10TA190M (10-speed)

        驅動橋 Drive axle: 457

        速比 Gear ratio:4.111

        車架 Frame:300*80*(8+5)mm

        輪胎 Tire:11.00-20

        油箱 Fuel tank: 400L

        軸距 Wheel base: 2100+4700+1350mm

        車廂 Body: 9500mm

        最高車速 Maximum vehicle speed: 111km/h

        選裝配置 Optional equipment: 310/330hp engine 310/330hp馬力發動機


        推薦工況 Recommended operating conditions: With a maximum loading capacity of 45-60 t, it is recommended that the vehicle be used for long-distance logistics and transport of grains, building materials,and housewares.最大載重45-60噸,推薦長途物流運輸,針對糧食,建材,家居類運輸模式。


        The J5P 8x4 model is a heavy-duty product which has large market volume, good reputation of significant fuel saving , resistance to rollover, rich spare parts on market ,and strong overall competitiveness.J5P 8x4是一款市場保有量大,節油口碑顯著,不易翻車,市場配件豐富,綜合競爭力高的重型產品。


        It applies to various types of refitted flat truck , stake truck , livestock transport vehicle , van truck , wagon truck tanker, etc.適合改裝各種平板,倉柵,畜禽,廂式,蓬式,郵政,罐類等。


        It has advantages such as low fuel consumption , low center of gravity, high vehicle speed , high reliability, and superior comfort.高可靠性,高舒適性,高車速,低油耗,低重心等優點。